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Comprehensive list of all Monopoly Deal Rules and Questions

By Two Game Enthusiasts

The following is the Table of Contents for the Monopoly Deal Rules website and includes the various Question sections and individual Question and Answers under that section. Click on the Question section head or specific question listed below to go to that question and see the answers.

Monopoly Deal Rules Home Page
  1. Question Section 1: General Monopoly Deal Rules & FAQs
    1. How to play Monopoly Deal?
    2. How to Start and Deal out the Monopoly Deal cards?
    3. What does a player do on their turn?
    4. How do you win at Monopoly Deal?
    5. How many cards are there in a Monopoly Deal deck?
    6. How many of each type of Monopoly cards are there?
    7. What is the rule for when a player runs out of Monopoly cards in their hand?
    8. What happens when you run out of cards when playing?
    9. How many plays does each player get when playing Monopoly Deal?
    10. Does a player have to play all 3 cards during their turn each time?
    11. How many cards can a player have in their hands at the end of their turn?
    12. What happens when a player has more than 7 Monopoly cards in their hand at the end of their turn?
    13. What if you accidentally pick up too many cards?
    14. Can you play cards other than money into your bank?
    15. What happens when the Monopoly Deal draw pile runs out of cards when playing?
    16. Can I ever put cards back in my hand?
    17. What if I play a card but want to take it back and not play it?
    18. Can you rearrange Monopoly property and money cards that are on the table when playing?
    19. How many people can you play Monopoly Deal with?
    20. What if I would like to play Monopoly with 6 or more players?
    21. Can you look through an opponents Monopoly bank pile on the table?
    22. Can you look through an opponent’s property cards on the table?
    23. Can you look at an opponent’s Property Wildcards on the table?
    24. Can you touch an opponent’s cards on the table when playing?
  2. Question Section 2: Monopoly Deal Rules and Questions on Paying Rent
    1. Who chooses what you pay with when playing?
    2. If you pay with property, does that property go into your opponents bank?
    3. Where does the property card go if you pay with property?
    4. If a player pays me with an action card, can I use it?
    5. If I have to pay with property or want to pay with property, does the other player pick the property?
    6. Which Monopoly Deal cards can I use to pay Rent?
    7. What if I don’t have the exact amount of money to pay another player?
    8. Can I put the cards that people pay me with into my hand?
    9. Can you pay from your hand?
    10. When playing, what if I don’t have enough Monopoly money to pay another player?
    11. When charged Rent can I pay with property instead of money?
    12. What if I have no money or property to pay?
  3. Question Section 3: Monopoly Deal Rules for Property & Property Wildcards
    1. Can you win with 2 of the same full set properties?
    2. Does the Multicolor (10 color) Property Wild card need to be played with something else?
    3. Can a player take the multicolor property wild card (10 color card)?
    4. When can a player take the Multicolor Property Wildcard (10 color card)?
    5. When charged Rent can you pay with the Multicolor Property Wildcard?
    6. Can you move Property Wildcards already on the table around to different Monopoly property sets?
    7. Can you play a rent card against the multicolor property wildcard if it is not played with another property card?
    8. What happens when you have more than the needed number of property cards for a certain color property set?
  4. Question Section 4: Monopoly Deal Rules for Action Cards
    1. Can I use more than one Pass Go in a single turn?
    2. In a Monopoly Deal game, does the Force Deal have to be a swap of equal value properties?
    3. Can a Force Deal or Sly Deal be use to take a Hotel or House?
  5. Question Section 5: Monopoly Deal Rules for the Just Say No Cards
    1. Can you use a Just Say No card against a Just Say No card?
    2. Can I Just Say No to a Just Say No card and then they use another Just Say No card?
    3. Does a Just Say No card cancel a Just Say No card
    4. Can I keep the Just Say No card after I use it?
    5. Does a Just Say No card count as a card played (i.e. one of your three turns)?
    6. How does Just Say No work with Double The Rent cards?
    7. Does a Just Say No cancel the action against you or everyone?
  6. Question Section 6: Monopoly Deal Rules for Deal Breaker Card
    1. When I use the Deal Breaker card to take a full set that has a house or a house and hotel on it do I get the house and hotel with the full set?
    2. What happens if someone lays a Deal Breaker card on a player that doesn't have a full set?
  7. Question Section 7: Monopoly Deal Rules for Rent Cards
    1. How do Rent Cards work?
    2. Does the Double The Rent card count as one of your three plays?
    3. Can I charge rent for two separate sets of properties with the same rent card?
    4. Is Rent always collected from all players?
    5. Can I play 2 Double The Rent cards during one turn?
  8. Question Section 8: Monopoly Deal Rules for House and Hotel Cards
    1. When playing Monopoly Deal, can you lay a house before a hotel?
    2. Can you lay a hotel before a house in Monopoly Deal?
    3. When can you lay a hotel in Monopoly Deal?
    4. When can you lay a house in Monopoly Deal?
    5. In Monopoly Deal, is a House and Hotel played on top of a property set worth an additional 7M or 4M?
    6. Can a house or hotel be added to a railroad or utility when playing Monopoly Deal?
    7. Can you steal a House or Hotel in Monopoly Deal?
    8. Can a House or Hotel card be on the table without being apart of a full/completed set?
  9. Question Section 9: Monopoly Deal: How to Play & How to Win
    1. General Game Play
    2. Starting & Dealing the Game
    3. What does a Player do on Their Turn
    4. How to Win!
  10. Question Section 10:
    1. How Many Cards are in the Monopoly Deal Deck?
    2. 4 Monopoly Deal Rule Cards
      1. Monopoly Deal Quick Start Rules Cards
    3. 34 Monopoly Deal Action Cards
      1. Monopoly Deal Deal Breaker Action Card
      2. Monopoly Deal Debt Collector Action Card
      3. Monopoly Deal Double The Rent Action Card
      4. Monopoly Deal Force Deal Action Card
      5. Monopoly Deal Hotel Action Card
      6. Monopoly Deal House Action Card
      7. Monopoly Deal It's My Birthday Action Card
      8. Monopoly Deal Just Say No Action Card
      9. Monopoly Deal Pass Go Action Card
      10. Monopoly Deal Sly Deal Action Card
    4. 28 Monopoly Deal Property Cards
      1. Monopoly Deal Brown Property Card
      2. Monopoly Deal Dark Blue Property Card
      3. Monopoly Deal Green Property Card
      4. Monopoly Deal Light Blue Property Card
      5. Monopoly Deal Orange Property Card
      6. Monopoly Deal Pink Property Card
      7. Monopoly Deal Railroad Property Card
      8. Monopoly Deal Red Property Card
      9. Monopoly Deal Utility Property Card
      10. Monopoly Deal Yellow Property Card
    5. 11 Monopoly Deal Property Wildcards
      1. Monopoly Deal Dark Blue And Green Wildcard Card
      2. Monopoly Deal Light Blue And Brown Wildcard Card
      3. Monopoly Deal Multicolor Wildcard Card
      4. Monopoly Deal Orange And Pink Wildcard Card
      5. Monopoly Deal Railraod And Green Wildcard Card
      6. Monopoly Deal Railraod And Light Blue Wildcard Card
      7. Monopoly Deal Railroad And Utility Wildcard Card
      8. Monopoly Deal Red And Yellow Wildcard Card
    6. 13 Monopoly Deal Rent Cards
      1. Monopoly Deal All Color Wild Rent Card
      2. Monopoly Deal Blue And Green Rent Card
      3. Monopoly Deal Brown And Light Blue Rent Card
      4. Monopoly Deal Orange And Pink Rent Card
      5. Monopoly Deal Railroad And Utility Rent Card
      6. Monopoly Deal Red And Yellow Rent Card
    7. 20 Monopoly Deal Money Cards
      1. Monopoly Deal $10M Money Card
      2. Monopoly Deal $1M Money Card
      3. Monopoly Deal $2M Money Card
      4. Monopoly Deal $3M Money Card
      5. Monopoly Deal $4M Money Card
      6. Monopoly Deal $5M Money Card
  11. Question Section 11: Monopoly Deal Instruction Book
    1. The Official Included Instruction Book
      1. Photo of Monopoly Deal Cards Instruction Book - Front Side
      2. Photo of Monopoly Deal Cards Instruction Book - Back Side